2 area athletes sign on to wrestle for SMSU

Two area athletes signed national letters of intent to continue their wrestling careers with the Southwest Minnesota State University Mustangs in Marshall.

Last week Worthington’s Anthony Luft signed on to wrestle for the Mustangs. Luft was a 4-time place winner at the Minnesota State Wrestling Tournament. As a freshman, Luft finished in 6th place at the 103 pound weight class at the Class AA State Tournament. As a sophomore, Luft finished in 5th place at 106 pounds. Anthony Luft won his first state championship as a junior, winning the 120 pound state championship in triple overtime and finished his junior season 42-1. Luft finished his high school career with his arm raised one more time, winning another state championship in overtime and taking home the Class AA State Championship at 126 pounds. Luft finished his senior season with a 46-2 record and his record over the last 4 years of his varsity career was 166-21.

Also last week, Jackson County Central’s Jordan Biehn signed a letter of intent to wrestle for SMSU. Biehn was a Class A State Tournament place-winner the last 2 years. As a junior, Biehn finished in 4th place at 120 pounds at the Class A State Tournament and as a senior Biehn placed 5th at 126 pounds. His record over those 2 seasons was 79-20.


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