Portion Sizes


Smart Ways to “Right-Size” Your Portions

  • Listen to your body’s cues. Your internal signals of hunger and satisfaction can help you eat right if you listen carefully and honor them. 
  • Prepare less food for meals. Large quantities of food make people eat more. If you want leftovers, put them out of sight-and out of mind.
  • Start with a small serving. Small servings may be exactly what you want, and you can always have more if you are still hungry
  • Use small dishes and glasses. It really works: smaller plates and taller, thinner glasses make you think you are getting more with less.
  • Slow down the pace of eating. Eating slowly enhances enjoyment of food and gives your brain time to register fullness. 
  • Eat half, then wait 20 minutes. When you wait (and listen carefully to internal cues), you can be satisfied with smaller-than-usual portions.
  • Never eat out of the bag. When you eat out of bags, boxes, or cartons, you usually eat more. Take a small portion, then put the bag away. 
  • Think before you order. Many restaurant meals are two to four times larger than you need. Make a plan before you order.
  • Always go for the small size. At fast-food restaurants, order small or regular items (drinks, burgers, fries)- or choose a kiddie-size meal. 
  • Share, share, share. Sharing restaurant meals is a great way to save money and calories, too. Share appetizers, entrees, or desserts. 
  • Eat half and take half home. Ask your server to put half your meal into a to-go container in the kitchen, or to bring a box to the table. 
  • Eat regular meals and snacks. When you plan regular meals and snacks, it’s easier to be satisfied with smaller portions each time.  


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