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Join ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth, member of the NAFB, on Thursday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. for your "Afternoon Ag Segment" on AM 730 KWOA. Sonja talks about everything and anything ag-related, particularly focusing on current events and hot topics in the ag industry. She talks with a wide variety of professionals and knowledgeable experts in their respective fields, ranging as close as Worthington residents to as far as national voices, delivering the latest ag information "straight from the horse's mouth" to the KWOA listeners.

Afternoon Ag Segment Stories

Below is a listing of stories for the Afternoon Ag segment. Please click the story title to view the full story.

Farmamerica Executive Director Jim Gibson


September's first Thursday afternoon ag segment will be with Jim Gibson, Farmamerica Executive Director, as he joins ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth. Together, the two will discuss the origins of Farmamerica, past and upcoming events (such as the Fall Fair), school tours, and of course, the future direction for Farmamerica.

They will also touch on a few of the upcoming Farmamerica Fall Fair special guests, such as Kesha Henry, the Executive Director for the MN Agricultural Leadership Council and U.S. Representative Rod Hamilton.

Find out more about Farmamerica by visiting

Agriculture Future of America Organization


Join Sonja Langseth this upcoming Thursday segment for August 23rd as she talks with the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) organization, covering the overview perspective of AFA along with its mission and opportunities it offers for students.

First up is AFA CEO and President Russ Weathers as they discuss the beginning, mission, and future of AFA.

Then Sonja will be talking with Dan Dye, President of Horizons Milling Cargill, Inc., who also serves on the AFA Board. Cargill has been a corporate sponsor of AFA since its origin 15 years ago, and Dye explains the opportunities and importance of partnering with AFA from a corporate perspective. For other corporations potentially interested in such a partnership with AFA, Dye also discusses the steps to take in order to become actively engaged with AFA.

Last but definitely not least, Sonja catches up with Kate Maertens, a senior at the University of Minnesota, where she also serves as an AFA Campus Ambassador. Kate and Sonja discuss take-away benefits of being involved in AFA from a student perspective and valuable opportunities in network building within such a dynamic organization.

Bill Penning, DNR Prairie Wildlife Habitat Specialist


Join Sonja and Bill Penning, DNR Prairie Wildlife Habitat Specialist, this Thursday at 1 p.m. as they cover a variety of important information pertaining to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. A main issue is the 25-year document called the Minnesota Prairie Conservation Plan, in which a coalition of conservation groups and agencies have worked together to create a strategy to continue to restore, protect, and enhance Minnesota wildlife lands.

They also discuss a variety of programs within the DNR, such as the Walk-In Access Program and the Native Prairie Bank Program. They'll also briefly touch on the upcoming pheasant opener and what to expect this season.

For more information on programs and courses offered within the DNR, visit the Minnesota DNR website at

Don Close & Jay Bakken - Return of LFTB?


The drought has caused a lot of issues in the ag industry, including a tightening of supplies in the beef industry. Join Sonja this next Thursday, August 9th as she discusses the potential return of Lean Finely Textured Beef (LFTB), economic impacts, possible barriers, and consumer confidence. She'll be talking with Don Close, Vice President of Food and Agribusiness Research & Advisory on Animal Protein, as well as local Rock Nobles County Cattlemen's Association Jay Bakken, who also serves on the Minnesota Beef Council.

Lori Lubben & Bridget Enninga, Nobles County Fair


The Nobles County 4-H Fair is right around the corner! Join Sonja, Lori and Bridget as they discuss events and activities coming up at the Fairgrounds and highlight the overall schedule.

Daryn McBeth, President of the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council


Sonja will be catching up with Daryn McBeth, President of the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council. They will discuss the Minnesota Livestock Industry Benchmark Report, produced by the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council and released on July 9, found that Minnesota’s animal agriculture industry continues to create value by serving as an economic engine for the state, employing thousands of Minnesotans and contributing billions in revenue annually.

Overall, the latest industry benchmark report tells us that while challenges remain, Minnesota is positioned for continued success in animal agriculture.

Colleen Lankamer - State Director with USDA Rural Development


This week we'll be talking with the Minnesota USDA Rural Development State Director Colleen Lankamer as she takes us through different programs USDA Rural Development has assisted with, such as REAP as well as grants, loans and other items. As USDA Rural Development helped with the Worthington YMCA as well as the Adrian Pharmacy establishment and the Jackson AGCO loan, we will also discuss these items at length.

No Afternoon Ag this week - Twins Baseball on KWOA


There will be no afternoon ag segment the week of July 2nd, as KWOA will be following the Twins Baseball game.

Catch your afternoon ag segment next week!