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Join ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth, member of the NAFB, on Thursday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. for your "Afternoon Ag Segment" on AM 730 KWOA. Sonja talks about everything and anything ag-related, particularly focusing on current events and hot topics in the ag industry. She talks with a wide variety of professionals and knowledgeable experts in their respective fields, ranging as close as Worthington residents to as far as national voices, delivering the latest ag information "straight from the horse's mouth" to the KWOA listeners.

Afternoon Ag Segment Stories

Below is a listing of stories for the Afternoon Ag segment. Please click the story title to view the full story.

Joel Karsten - Straw Bale Gardening


Want to get rid of the back aches, the sore knees and rough hands involved with gardening? Now you can - with straw bales instead of soil!

No, this isn't a hoax. It's a revolutionized way to garden that Worthington native Joel Karsten has come up with, called Straw Bale Gardening. By utilizing the natural fermentation process of decomposition, Karsten has found a new way to garden without soil, without the aches, but with all the benefits.

Want to find out more? Tune in this Thursday with ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth as she "gets the dirt" on this new way to garden!

For more information on this new vision, go to Karsten's website:

Talking policy with Joe Martin - MSCA & Doug Peterson - MFU


For the final Thursday in January, this Thursday's Afternoon Ag Segment is all about politics. Tune in as ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with Joe Martin, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association as they talk recent law changes, policy items and farm bill worries as we look into 2013. To stay up to date on all the latest with the MSCA, visit their website at

Then Langseth turns to Minnesota Farmer's Union President Doug Peterson to recap MFU's Day at the Capitol. They discuss a variety of issues MFU as the organization sets its priorities for the 2013 legislative session. They discuss supporting local foods, finding common sense solutions to taxes, promoting the creation of an Agriculture Water Quality Certification Program, and the hopes to continue a second Minnesota wolf hunting/trapping season. For more information on MFU, visit

Randy Jacobs - FFA Meat Judging Coach


If you've been listening to AM 730 KWOA, you heard Radio Works ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with the four members of the 2012-2013 Worthington High School FFA Meat Judging team recapping their recent competition at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

Tune in this Thursday as Langseth talks with the WHS Meat Judging team coach Randy Jacobs as they get into the "meat" of meat judging, breaking down competition categories and goals for the upcoming year.

Ag Connect 2013 - Rusty Fowler & Rob Kolb


The 2013 AG CONNECT Expo & Summit is right around the corner, coming up January 29-31 in Kansas City, Missouri. If you've been listening to AM 730 KWOA this week, you heard ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catch up with Sara Mooney, AG CONNECT show director and Charlie O'Brien, Senior Vice President of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers about the upcoming grand show of the Midwest.

Tune in this Thursday from 1:00 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. as Langseth catches up with Rusty Fowler, President and CEO of Krone North America highlighting a few featured products as well as the importance of having quality haying equipment this year. As many farmers know, with the drought of 2012, hay has become scarce and high priced. Langseth asks the question of how equipment prices will change as a reflection of the drought.

Rusty also served as chair for AEM last year.

In addition, Langseth will also talk with Rob Kolb, Vice President of GEA Technologies about the company's new products as well as the latest - and quickly spreading - innovation in the dairy industry: dairy water beds.

Sounds great, right? Want to register? The early bird registration discount has been extended and is good until Friday, January 18th! Register now! It's all about AG CONNECT this Thursday from 1:00 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. on AM 730 KWOA!

Randy Markl & Dan Stark - Deer & Wolf Season Recap


Curious how the 2012 Deer Season went, both for antlers and antlerless? Tune in Thursday from 1 until 1:30 p.m. as Sonja Langseth catches up with Randy Markl, DNR area wildlife manager at Windom, recapping Minnesota's 2012 deer season.

Sonja will also talk with Dan Stark, Minnesota DNR large carnivore specialist to recap Minnesota's first wolf hunting season. For more information and a more detailed recap on each respective season, visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

Kara Owens and Gary Nordseth of the MN DNR - Ice Fishing


It's winter time and that means Mother Nature is cranking out ice on the area lakes! Are you caught up on the latest ice fishing regulations? Join Sonja Langseth as she catches up with Conservation Officer Gary Nordseth this upcoming Thursday for your first Afternoon Ag Segment of 2013 on January 3rd!

Langseth will also talk with MN DNR Boat and Water Safety Specialist Kara Owens to gloss over the important safety tips and tricks when dealing on ice, in order for everyone to enjoy a safe and happy ice fishing season.

It's this Thursday on January 3rd from 1 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. on AM 730 KWOA!

Bill Broadie, Chairman of All American Beef Battalion


Promote beef and agriculture, while feeding a soldier a steak along with all the fixings. Sound like a great idea? Bill Broadie, creator and Chairman of the All American Beef Battalion thought so as well, starting a dynamic non-profit organization aimed at feeding homecoming troops a hearty meal as a way of "thanks."

The All American Beef Battalion is the vision of Bill Broadie of Ashland, KS. Bill is a 4th generation cattle man in KS who served with the 3rd Marine division in Vietnam in 1967. The AABB is a wonderful way to consider giving this holiday season. Find out more about AABB this Thursday from 1 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. with ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth as she catches up with Broadie to discuss the dynamics behind this organization, and of course, how to show support this Christmas.

Who wouldn't want to buy a soldier a steak?

For more information on the AABB, visit the AABB homepage.

Bob Skinner, Chair of the Oregon Cattlemen's Association


Many cattlemen and livestock producers have found their voice against a recent "research" study released by an ex-professor of Oregon State University, titled "Adapting to Climate Change on Western Public Lands: Addressing the Ecological Effects on Domestic, Wild, and Feral Ungulates."

This study calls to phase out grazing on public lands due to climate change, claiming that livestock grazing contributes to greenhouse gases and essentially completely ignores the benefits of grazing in general, as well as the economic implications of what would happen if anti-grazing legislation were established.

Ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with Bob Skinner, who sits on the Board of the Public Lands Council, to discuss grazing and how this study looks at public lands grazing, as well as the challenges in debunking the myths associated with this study.

Skinner has been a voice in many organizations revolving around grazing and livestock, and has been Past President Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Past Chairman OCA Public Lands Committee, Past Director Oregon Public Lands Council, Past Director Oregon Livestock & Marketing Board, Round Table Participant with President George W. Bush, and “OCA’s Top Hand” Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tune in this Thursday beginning at 1 p.m. on Am 730 KWOA!

Allison Gillete, Director of Cow Power Documentary


If you remember back in October, ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth caught up with David Dunn of Green Mountain Power to discuss a new innovative way to produce electricity - using cow power. That is, GMP Cow Power which utilizes cow manure and converts it into green energy in the form of electricity.

This new renewable energy source, Cow Power, has since taken off and leapt into the arms of a film producer, Allison Gillete.

Tune in this Thursday as Sonja catches up with Allison to discuss the Cow Power documentary. They'll recap the GMP Cow Power Program, how Allison got involved, and the goals and future of this film. Watch the trailer now!

Cow Power Trailer from Cow Power on Vimeo.

Kristie Swenson - CommonGround Program


This Thursday's Afternoon Ag Segment features an exciting organization that was founded with the purpose of sorting through the myths revolving around agriculture, finding the facts, and informing the consumer. Join ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth from 1:00 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. on November 29th as she talks with Kristie Swenson of Trimont, Minn., regarding "CommonGround."

CommonGround is a volunteer organization made up of volunteer farm women, focusing on starting a conversation between women who grow food, and the women who buy it. These women in agriculture provide not only personal experience as farmers, but also scientific and research facts. For more information, read below (click to enlarge).