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Join ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth, member of the NAFB, on Thursday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. for your "Afternoon Ag Segment" on AM 730 KWOA. Sonja talks about everything and anything ag-related, particularly focusing on current events and hot topics in the ag industry. She talks with a wide variety of professionals and knowledgeable experts in their respective fields, ranging as close as Worthington residents to as far as national voices, delivering the latest ag information "straight from the horse's mouth" to the KWOA listeners.

Afternoon Ag Segment Stories

Below is a listing of stories for the Afternoon Ag segment. Please click the story title to view the full story.

Nick of DudeFoods


This Thursday will feature a very unique guests, welcoming in Nick of He's known on the web for his Bacon Weave Taco as well as his recent fame for the "McEverything."

Like food? Like weird combinations of food that somehow WORK? Tune in this Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. as we talk with Nick about his ventures, experiences, and everything between.

Hunting in Minnesota


Minnesota's waterfowl season opens half an hour before sunrise this weekend, Saturday, September 21st so this Thursday's edition of your Afternoon Ag Segment will feature hunting!

First up is Cal Brink of Hunting Works 4 Minnesota to discuss the economic relationship between hunting and the state of Minnesota.

Hunting Works For Minnesota advocates for public policy that supports jobs and economic prosperity. As a grassroots organization, they help tell the story of the role hunting and shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of Minnesota.

Then we will follow up with an interview with Steve Cords, Waterfowl Staff Specialist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, to highlight waterfowl regulations, safety tips and more!

No Afternoon Ag Segment


There will be no afternoon ag segment this Thursday, as the Minnesota Twins will be taking on the Athletics at 12:10 p.m.

Bioverse BioCide


BioverseAG has recently released an all natural insecticide product for livestock waste containment systems called BioCide.

Curious how it works? Tune in this Thursday as ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with Bioverse President and CEO, Glen Thuringer, and Director of Sales Brad Carson to break down the origins of this new product, its uses, and its potential in the ag industry.

To give you a basic idea of what they'll be discussing, BioCide is a natural insecticide for agricultural, farm and home control of mosquitos, black flies and waste nuisance flies. In fact, Biocide is a safe and effective treatment for insect problems often associated with crusted or solid waste accumulations. Non-toxic to animals and humans, Biocide can be used in solid waste containment systems, standing water, retention ponds, polluted water, and sewage.

No Afternoon Ag Segment


There will be no afternoon ag segment this week due to Minnesota Twins baseball.

Charlie Nystrom - Ocheda Orchard


Fall weather is right around the corner and that means apple season is also near! Tune in this Thursday as ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with Charlie Nystrom of the Worthington Ocheda Orchard to highlight upcoming apple varieties and also discuss the delicious (and nutritious!) peaches now available!

Ocheda Orchard has been the place for fresh locally grown apples for over 30 years. At last, an activity the whole family can do together that's actually fun! Picking apples provides exercise, lots of fresh air, and something to take home for your efforts. Kids will cherish the memories for a lifetime.

The first trees were planted in 1965 by the Donald Nystrom family. Early plantings were standard size but more recent plantings are dwarf size trees. Chuck Nystrom, the current owner/manager has traveled from Washington State to South Carolina in search of apple varieties suitable to SW Minnesota. However the Orchard continues to feature Minnesota-developed varieties such as Haralson, Sweet Sixteen, Zestar, and Honeycrisp.

Ocheda Orchard has approximately 5000 trees, and 15 varieties planted on 35 acres.Make a visit to the orchard part of your fall experience - taste and pick up your favorites!

No Afternoon Ag Segment


There will be no afternoon ag segment on Thursday, August 1st due to Minnesota Twins baseball.

Aquatic Invasive Species


This Thursday's Afternoon Ag Segment is all about Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and everything you need to know as a boater in Minnesota waters. Ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with Ann Pierce, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Supervisor of the Invasive Species Program and highlights the overall programs, policy and direction and well as laws.

Find more online at

Weeds & Pest Concerns in 2013


As the growing season continues, so do concerns regarding weeds and pests. Tune in this Thursday as Sonja Langseth catches up with Bruce Potter, Integrated Pest Management Specialist with the University of Minnesota Lamberton to discuss these issues.

Langseth will also chat with Liz Stahl, University of Minnesota Extension Crops Specialist to talk about weed management and weather concerns.

No Afternoon Ag Segment


There will be no afternoon ag segment this Thursday due to broadcasting a Minnesota Twins' baseball game.