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Join ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth, member of the NAFB, on Thursday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. for your "Afternoon Ag Segment" on AM 730 KWOA. Sonja talks about everything and anything ag-related, particularly focusing on current events and hot topics in the ag industry. She talks with a wide variety of professionals and knowledgeable experts in their respective fields, ranging as close as Worthington residents to as far as national voices, delivering the latest ag information "straight from the horse's mouth" to the KWOA listeners.

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Annie's Project


Amy Durandt - AgStar Edge Project Manager - joins us for today's Afternoon Ag Segment to tell us about Annie's Project being offered in Worthington.

Annie’s Project has successfully reached more than 8,000 farmers and ranchers in 30 states since its launch in 2002. The program will start July 8th, and go through August in Worthington, Minnesota. To sign up and get more details, visit

No Afternoon Ag Segment - Twins


There will be no Afternoon Ag Segment for Thursday, June 18th. Instead, tune in as the Minnesota Twins take on the St. Louis Cardinals!

Dallas Ransom - LSW Tires


Low Side Technology (LSW) is a relatively new development available to farmers. This is a tire ad wheel assembly, which offers a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than standard tires, yet with the same inflation pressures and weight load capacity, but smoother rides and less compaction. Tune in this Thursday as we talk with Dallas Ransom of Graham Tire to discuss the benefits of LSW tires as well as opportunities coming up in the area to check out LSW tires for yourself!

The photo below depicts the differences of standard tires compared to the new LSW tires that feature a new stubble compound.

The photo below shows what your tractor tire is doing when you experience road lope - the swaying and bouncing of the machine during road transport. According to a Titan Tire press release, "there is a misconception in the marketplace that road lope is a by-product of poor design, when in fact the issue is more often than not related to how the whele and tire system is aligned when installed on the equipment." LSW tires reduces road lope as well as power hop while boosting stability.

Titan is offering LSW technology in a variety of Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire lines, and is even combining LSW technology with other advancements, such as increased flexion (IF) technology. By combining these technologies, the grower will have the stability benefits of LSW, as well as the flotation and traction benefits of running at lower inflation pressures with IF technology.

The video below shows you a great visual of side-by-side comparisons of standard tires versus LSW tires. 

Be sure to check out the LSW tires on the tractor at Jaycox Implement in Worthington. Have questions? Contact Dallas Ransom at Graham Tire!


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Kerri DeGraff - Feeding South Dakota


May is Beef Month and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the nutrition beef provides! It's also a great time to look at donating to the hungry -- through a local nonprofit organization.

Tune in as we talk with Kerri DeGraff, Development Direcor for Feeding South Dakota as we discuss the roots behind this giving organization. We'll also talk ways to attend a concert AND donate to the hungry via the South Dakota Cattlemen Foundation's Prime Time Gala!

Find more details at or, or by visiting our sister station The Hot Country Highway US95 at

No Afternoon Ag Segment - Twins


There will be no Afternoon Ag Segment this week. Instead, tune in as the Minnesota Twins take on the Detroit Tigers!

No Afternoon Ag Segment - Twins


There will be no afternoon ag segment this Thursday. Instead, tune in as the Minnesota Twins take on the Oakland Athletics!

Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Regulations 2015


Tune in this Thursday as Don Pereira, DNR Fisheries Section Chief, hits an overview of fishing regulations for walleye, northern pike, and bass on Mille Lacs Lake that goes into effect on Saturday, May 9th.

The 2015 regulations for Mille Lacs Lake are:

  • Walleye – Limit of one and the fish must be 19- to 21-inches long or longer than 28 inches. Night closure from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. May 11 to Dec. 1.
  • Northern pike – Limit of 10. One fish may be longer than 30 inches only if two fish shorter than 30 inches are caught on the same trip and in possession.
  • Bass – Limit of six smallmouth and largemouth bass in combination. Only one smallmouth bass may be longer than 18 inches.

No Afternoon Ag Segment - Twins


There will be no Afternoon Ag Segment this week. Instead, tune in as the Minnesota Twins take on the Kansas City Royals on Thursday, April 16th!

No Afternoon Ag Segment - Twins


There will be no Afternoon Ag Segment this Thursday. Instead, tune in as the Minnesota Twins will take on the Detroit Tigers!

Jukka Kukkonen - Electric Cars


The 2015 CERTS Clean Energy Conference wrapped up earlier this month in St. Cloud, Minn. It officially began on Tuesday, March 10 with a full day of informative and timely sessions, generous networking opportunities, and exhibits, ending with an evening reception. The event continued on Wednesday, March 11 with a half day of in-depth clean energy workshops, more networking, and exhibits.

One of the keynote speakers at the CERTS Conference was Jukka Kukkonen, Minnesota Plug-in Vehicle Owners Circle founder, discussing electric vehicles and the future the hold.

Join us this Thursday from 12:30 to 1 p.m. as we talk electric cars and the move towards renewable fuels and cleaner emissions! (If you missed him at the Conference, find his presentation here