August 12 news

WORTHINGTON – The Worthington City Council on Monday approved a motion to move forward with the proposed sale of a premium lot in the Bioscience Industrial Park Addition to PurNet, a Worthington-based medical device and supply company.

A public hearing on the issue had been tabled from a previous meeting. During Monday night’s hearing, Director of Community and Economic Development Brad Chapulis explained PurNet had submitted a request to purchase 1.6 acres using the city’s established land acquisition policy, which allows for the actual sale price of the real estate to be reduced by the present value of the property taxes generated by a new facility, over a 20-year period, at a 6.5 percent rate of return. The present value is structured as a forgivable loan.

PurNet intends to construct a 10,000 square foot office building for its operation and acquire enough land for an additional 10,000 square feet of space for future use. The asking price for the property would be approximately $145,000.

The council’s main concern was that the remainder of the lot, located in a prime position near the hotel and event center, might not be large enough for a restaurant – something the city has hopes of attracting to the highly visible site. After considerable discussion, a compromise with owner Darlene Vortherms was reached that will include a shared egress and possibly a parking lot with the remaining 1.1 acres.

The motion to approve the sale also includes the creation of at least 7 additional full-time jobs above the current 20 employees at a wage of at least $12 per hour within two years of the certificate of occupancy.

A second public hearing was also held for discussion of extending Grand Avenue and the sidewalks through to Darling Drive. Steve Johnson of Johnson Builders came forward to ask that the city consider not extending the street as a through street at this time. He said his company owns undeveloped land on the north side and is not prepared to pay the assessment at this time.

If the city was not willing to stop the extension, Johnson asked instead that the assessment be deferred until the property is developed. A representative of the American Reformed Church also said the assessment would be a big financial burden and asked if there was something the city could do to reduce the burden.

Worthington Mayor Alan Oberloh stated that the street would eventually have to be developed through to Darling Drive and the situation would not go away.

A motion was approved to request bids for both the entire project through to Darling Drive and for the partial project to the housing partnership lot.

A discussion on approving spending $120,000 instead of the originally budgeted $50,000 on three “Welcome to Worthington” signs was tabled. The council had originally planned to spend $25,000 on each sign, with the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce picking up the tab for the third sign. Construction of the signs has now changed to concrete, and two different companies are being debated.

WORTHINGTON - Seal coat work on various city streets is tentatively scheduled to begin Wednesday, according to the City of Worthington Engineering Department. The work will last roughly one hour per each street location, most of which will be closed to traffic during seal coating. Work can occur any time between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The city asks that residents do not park on the streets and also to relocate any sump pump water discharge from seal coated streets until the project is completed. Weather permitting and construction proceeding as planned, these listed streets should be seal coated on before Thursday:

  • Tower Street - 10th Avenue to Lake Street
  • Roos Avenue - Winifred Street to Diagonal Road
  • Marine Avenue - Clary Street to 330 feet south of Oxford Street
  • Ray Drive - Ryan’s Road to 600 feet south
  • Ryan’s Road - Ray Drive to Highway 59
  • Castlewood Drive - Pauline Avenue to a point 610 feet west
  • Cecilee Street - Pauline Avenue to a point 290 feet west
  • Eleanor Street - Pauline Avenue to a point 290 feet west
  • Pauline Avenue - Cecilee Street to Eleanor Street
  • Kragness Avenue - Charles Avenue to 800 feet north of Okabena Street
  • Franklin Street - Sherwood Street to East Avenue
  • Sherwood Street - Nobles Street to Franklin Street
  • Trevor Street - Murray Avenue to East Avenue
  • Douglas Avenue at East Avenue curve
  • Douglas Avenue - Nobles Street to a point 320 feet north
  • East Avenue at Offtake Ditch
  • Morningside Drive - East and West end cul de sacs
  • Oak Street - CSAH 35 to Circle Drive
  • Alley Block 12 - Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue
  • Alleys Block 28 NE and SW - Sixth Avenue to Seventh Avenue
  • Alley Block 30 - Seventh Avenue to Eighth Avenue
  • First Avenue SW - west of Knollwood Drive to near Pleasant Avenue
  • Fox Farm Road - North Crailsheim Road (CSAH 10) to West Shore Drive
  • Collegeway - Thompson Avenue to North Crailsheim Road
  • SOUTH DAKOTA - A Belle Fourche man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on a federal sex trafficking charge.

    U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson says 43-year-old James Larive Jr. was indicted as a result of an undercover sex trafficking operation at the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. He was one of nine men arrested in the sting.

    Authorities say Larive responded to a Craigslist advertisement posted by undercover agents that purported to offer young girls for sex.

    A jury in April convicted Larvie of commercial sex trafficking.

    South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says six men were arrested during this year's annual Sturgis event, which ended Sunday.


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