County filings close; one Murray County district has five candidates

WORTHINGTON – With the filing period closed for those in county, state and federal offices that hold primaries August 12, only one county filing will be affected by the primary vote.

In Murray County, The District 4 seat currently held by John Giese, who did not refile, has five candidates. District 4 covers the city of Slayton. The five candidates include Glenn Kluis, Bradley Pagel, Holly Wrenn-Wicklander, Ken Leas and Bill Belanger.

In Southwest Minnesota, there are only a few county races. In Cottonwood County District 5, Randy Sawatzky and Tom Appel will vie for the seat currently held by Commissioner John Oeltjenbruns, who did not refile. In Pipestone County, District 2, held by Butch Miller and District 4, held by William Johnson, will both have a new face. District 2 candidates are Robert Bell and Les Nath, District 4 candidates are Daniel Wildermuth and Gary Gillan.

Rock County’s District 4 seat has been held by Bob Jarchow, who did not refile. Candidates for the seat include Sherri Thompson and Daniel Nath.

Two area county attorney positions are up for grabs. Jackson County Attorney Robert O’Connor opted not to run in the coming election, leaving an opening in the office. Sherry Haley, who has been assistant attorney for several years, has filed for the position, as has Philip Elbert. In Murray County, long-time County Attorney Paul Malone decided not to run for the position. Travis Smith, who has been an assistant county attorney in Nobles County for several years has filed for the position, as has Lynn Johnson, who has a law practice in Slayton.

Keeping things interesting in Murray County is a contest for the Recorder position. Jim Johnson did not refile for the position, but Evey Larson and Pamela Schreier have thrown their hats in the ring.

In Pipestone County, Sheriff Dan Delaney did not refile for the position, but two others, Keith Vreeman and Darek Wellnitz, have added their names to the ballot.

Here’s a look at who and what remains the same for the upcoming election:

In Cottonwood County, Jim Schmidt refiled for his District 1 seat. Tom White refiled for his District 3 seat, but will face Donna gravely, who also filed for the seat. Attorney Nick Anderson refiled for his seat, as did Auditor/Treasurer Jan Johnson, Recorder Kathy Kretsch and Sheriff Jason Purrington.

In Jackson County, Gary Willink refiled for his District 2 seat, and Don Wachal also filed for the position. District 4 Commissioner Kim Hummel refiled for the position, as did Auditor/Treasurer Kevin Nordquist, Recorder Becky McCann and Sheriff Roger Hawkinson.

In Murray County, District 3 Commissioner Gerald Magnus refiled for his seat, Auditor/Treasurer Heidi Winter refiled for her position and Sheriff Steve Telkamp refiled for his position.

In Nobles County, there were no new filings. Up for re-election this year are District 2 Commissioner Gene Metz, District 5 Commissioner Don Linssen, Recorder Lynn Wilson and Sheriff Kent Wilkening. Attorney Kathy Kusz and Auditor/Treasurer Beth Van Hove will both get their first taste of running for office, as they were both appointed to their positions mid-term. Both are running unopposed.

In Pipestone County, Recorder Mary Anne DeGroot refiled for her position, as did Attorney Damain Sandy.

In Rock County, District 2 Commissioner Stan Williamson refiled for his position, as did Attorney Don Klosterbuer and Sheriff Evan Verbrugge.

The filing period for municipality and school district offices opens Tuesday, July 29 and runs through August 12.


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