Minnesota West recognized as Digital Community College winner

WORTHINGTON – e.Republic’s Center for Digital Education has announced Minnesota West Community & Technical College placed fourth in the Digital Community College Survey, the only Minnesota college to be in the winning results for the ninth annual Digital Community Colleges Survey.

Community colleges are being recognized for their innovative uses of technology to achieve first-rate student learning environments.

“Community colleges across the country are employing technology in exciting ways to develop unique learning environments on campus and to expand online learning opportunities 24/7,” said Alan Cox, Senior Vice President for the Center for Digital Education. “Many of the colleges honored this year have employed various technologies and social media to improve resources to further instructional goals. We are honored to acknowledge these community colleges’ technology advancements.”

Survey questions and criteria examined and scored areas of digital and emerging technologies, such as use of mobile devices and technology integration into curriculum; strategic planning and data management; and professional development, including availability of technology tools and training for faculty and students.

In addition, colleges were surveyed on their technology priorities, infrastructure and networks, collaboration and outreach efforts and use of technology innovations.

2013-14 Digital Community Colleges Survey Winners
Mid-Sized Colleges Category - Between 5,000 and 10,000 Students:
1st Lord Fairfax Community College, Va.
2nd Virginia Western Community College
3rd Laramie County Community College, Wyo.
3rd Walters State Community College, Tenn.
4th Minnesota West Community and Technical College, Minn.
4th Southside Virginia Community College, Va.
5th Hostos Community College, N.Y.
6th Darton State College, Ga.
7th Lake Land College, Ill.
8th Temple College, Texas
9th Central Virginia Community College, Va.
9th Piedmont Virginia Community College, Va.
10th Walla Walla Community College, Wash.
10th South Mountain Community College, Ariz.
For full online article please refer to http://www.centerdigitaled.com/awards/digital-community-colleges/Top-10-...


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