MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone visits Minnesota West

WORTHINGTON – Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Chief executive officer Chancellor Steven Rosenstone visited the Minnesota West Community and Technical College Worthington Campus on Monday to ask students, staff and faculty what they were looking for in an interim and permanent president for the school. Current President Richard Shrubb announced his decision to retire about a month ago.

An interim president will be appointed to serve from July 2014 through June 2015, when a permanent president will be chosen. According to Rosenstone, the two positions cannot be filled by the same person.

Rosenstone said he wanted those in attendance to help him understand the needs of the college and the community it serves, and where there might be opportunities to do things differently or better.

Staff and faculty have several suggestions, such as not using s big business model for a small school. Rosenstone was told the college needs someone who is willing to get involved in the community. One person said she is part of several community groups relating to students, and no one from the college was significantly involved.

Worthington City Administrator Craig Clark said collaborations between the college and the community are a critical element. He also said the realities of a greater Minnesota school and one in the Metro area are different, something that can get lost in St. Paul.
Many of the college students are non-traditional students, he was told, and very diverse. Answering questions by telling student to go find the information on the website is a mistake, one person stated, because some students don’t know how to use it or have language barriers.

“I think we might have lost a little of our personal touch,” she stated.

Rosenstone said he would be putting out a call for nominations next week, and is asking for the community’s help in nominating or identifying individuals who might fill either position.

“I have an allergy to people who are job hopping,” Rosenstone stated. “I’m looking for a long-term commitment.”

He said he hopes to recommend someone to the MNSCU board in March or April.

Rosenstone spent time Monday morning at the Minnesota West Jackson campus, where the concerns paralleled those of Worthington. The campus would like a president who will work and become part of the community. They would also like to see an emphasis on technical jobs such as those offered at AGCO, and see the college partner with AGCO to train and place people in those fields.


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Its a good thing that Minnesota was visited by the gentleman. - Aldo Disorbo

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