December 9 news

WORTHINGTON – Minnesota West Community and Technical College Worthington Campus will host a “Celebrations Around the World” event Friday, coupled with a special showing by Pioneer Public Television of a preview of Season 4 of its popular “Downton Abbey” program.

The Celebrations Around the World event begins at 5 p.m. and has a fee, which is a donation to the Minnesota West Foundation. The event is focused around the different cultures in the area, and will include approximately 25 booths. Each guest will be able to taste foods and beverages from the booths. Tickets for Celebrations Around the World, which is part of the Culture Corner and in collaboration with the Nobles County Integration Collaborative, can be purchased the night of the event.

The Downtown Abbey show is free and begins at 7 p.m. in the Center for the Performing and Fine Arts. People are encouraged to contact Roxanne Hayenga at 372-3468 to reserve a seat.

SIOUX COUNTY, Iowa - A large male mountain lion was shot and killed late Friday afternoon in a wooded area near the Rock River approximately four miles south of Rock Valley in Sioux County.

The mountain lion was first spotted by a hunter checking his trail camera Thursday evening. When the cat, sitting about 40 yards away did not move, the man slowly backed away and called a neighbor. Returning to the spot, the mountain lion was still in the same place, but walked away from a buck it had recently killed. The men then called Conservation Officer John Sells.

Sells checked the area on Friday afternoon and was able to verify the lion from paw prints and photos on the trail camera. The cat was hidden in the area and did not move until the other man nearly stepped on it. Both Sells and the other man then shot and killed the mountain lion.

Sells said the decision to shoot the lion was based on its proximity to houses, approximately eight within a mile, and the fact that the cat was not exhibiting normal behavior of trying to avoid humans.

Within a minute of having shot the lion, Sells said a school bus come down the gravel road and dropped off kids at the nearby house. The children all began sledding in an open area right next to the kill site and would have been playing less than 200 yards from where lion had been.

The mountain lion weighed an estimated 160 to 180 pounds.

SPENCER, Iowa - The Spencer Chamber of Commerce is issuing a warning about a scam. Chamber officials say a representative of a business calling itself "American Business Link Online" called a Spencer business recently claiming it had subscribed to an internet service with a two-month free trial period. Since the business didn't cancel it was then billed for 12 months of services at $599.

The representative agreed to a reduced payment of $300. Chamber officials say the business learned of the scam and was able to stop payment on the check. Others having similar experiences should contact their local law enforcement agency.

IOWA - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is warning people to be on the lookout for aeration systems that have been started up on several area lakes and the open water and thin ice that's associated with them.

Systems are in operation on Five Island Lake in Palo Alto county, Ingham Lake in Emmet county and Center and Silver Lakes in Dickinson county.

The systems are designed to create open water and increase oxygen levels in shallow lakes to reduce the likelihood of fish kills.

MONTEVIDEO - A federal judge presiding over the case of an alleged bomb-maker from Montevideo has ruled that prosecutors can't use some of the defendant's statements at trial because FBI agents went too far in their initial questioning of the suspect.
Buford ``Bucky'' Rogers was arrested in May in what the FBI called ``a terror plot.'' He was indicted on four felony charges, including three counts of possessing homemade bombs. He is scheduled to go to trial Jan. 13.

FBI agents had questioned Rogers before advising him of his right to remain silent. While that's allowed in cases where there's an imminent threat to public safety, U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery said Friday the agents' line of questioning was unrelated to public safety.

Rogers was arrested May 3, the same day authorities said they found two Molotov cocktails, a pipe bomb and two black powder-and-nails devices when they raided his parents' mobile home.

The government accuses Rogers of being part of a tiny militia plotting to blow up Montevideo's police station and raid a National Guard armory.

However, Rogers was not charged with terrorism-related offenses. Rogers' public defender has said his client wanted to protect the country from a violent Mexican drug cartel he believed had moved into the area.


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