NCE Power Restored

Nobles Cooperative Electric would like to report that all members should have electricity. All major lines have been restored. If you are a Nobles Cooperative Electric member without power, please call the cooperative immediately at 1-800-397-4592.

With the area forecast to get up to five to eight inches of snow, with winds increasing to 20 to 35 MPH through Friday, Nobles Cooperative Electric encourages members to keep the cooperative’s number handy in case outages occur: 1-800-397-4592.

Meanwhile, office personnel is compiling the costs from the ice storm for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Preliminary estimates show the cost to restore power is just over $3 million. Total costs to re-store power and to make permanent repairs is estimated at $10.9 million.

General Manager Richard Burud said crews finished up work late Wednesday to the remaining members without power. In the days following the storm on April 9, more than 4,200 Nobles Cooperative Electric members were powerless.

"I am extremely proud of our Nobles Cooperative Electric employees, as well as crews from Legacy Construction, Highline Construction, Kandiyohi Power Cooperative, Freeborn-Mower Co-op Services, Agralite Electric Co-op, Carr's Tree Service, and Lyon-Lincoln Electric Co-op who have been working nonstop," said Burud. "Almost immediately after the storm hit, we began working on our power restoration plan. Our focus was on making the area safe and getting power restored as quickly as possible."

To expedite restoration efforts many areas were fixed temporarily. The cooperative still has a lot of structures on the ground which will have to be rebuilt. Nobles Cooperative Electric will need to replace and add poles, along with put up the bottom neutral throughout our service territory. The cooperative estimates about 2,000 poles were lost, with cooperative damages at $3 million for restoration and $11 million for rebuilding.

"The work isn't finished yet just because the power is restored. The long-term recovery is just beginning," explained Burud. "Our crews and some additional contractors will continue to clear debris and work to make temporary repairs permanent."

When storms or other circumstances cause an outage, Nobles Cooperative Electric takes immediate action to restore service. The cooperative would like to express their appreciation to everyone for their patience and understanding during this ordeal.



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