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September 15 news


FULDA – Two people were killed in a car crash just north of Fulda Sunday afternoon, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

The broadside crash happened at the intersection of Murray County Road 3 and U.S. 59 at approximately 3:23 p.m. A 2005 Chevrolet Impala was westbound on County Road 3 when it collided with a southbound Toyota RAV4. Both vehicles came to rest upside down in the ditch of the intersection.

Both drivers, 24-year-old Charles Goode of Lewisville, NC, and 38-year-old David Schultz of Worthington, were taken to North Memorial in Robbinsdale in serious condition...

UPDATE: Names of both deceased released by Minnesota State Patrol


FULDA – The names of both victims killed Sunday in a two-car collision just north of Fulda have now been released by the Minnesota State Patrol. Kristen Boynton, age 24, of Perry, Georgia, was a passenger in one of the vehicles, and Kerry Schultz, age 34, of Worthington, was a passenger in the other. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

The drivers of both vehicles, 24-year-old Charles Goode of Lewisville, N.C. and 38-year-old David Schultz of Worthington, were both taken to North Memorial in Robbinsdale in serious condition.

Two children, ages 9 and 12, who were also...

Paycheck loses again - Ruby takes the first leg of Great Gobbler Gallop


WORTHINGTON – It was a clean race, it was a tight race, but in the end, Ruby Begonia ran away with the first leg of the Great Gobbler Gallop.

Saturday’s weather was sunny and bright, the breeze was refreshing and both the Worthington and Cuero turkey racing teams were ready to go. At stake – the Traveling Turkey Trophy of Tumultuous Triumph. Ruby Begonia has won the last two years, and the Worthington team was ready for a little triumph of their own.

But it was not to be. Both turkeys started out the course at a steady trot, faltering only a few times. With the crowd shouting...

Four suspicious characters nabbed for the KTD Arrest-A-Guest


WORTHINGTON – Nobles County Chief Deputy Chris Dybevick arrested four suspicious looking characters this morning as they were parking a monstrous RV at the Perkins restaurant in Worthington. Their crime? Showing up in Worthington while Dybevick was out on the prowl for an Arrest-A-Guest, a yearly King Turkey Day event sponsored by the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Bernie and Judy Mahowald and Lee and Jan Seurer of Savage and Prior Lake respectively, have been on the road for about a week, having recently visited Wyoming. They’ve been...

September 12 news


WORTHINGTON – Cure in place pipe work is scheduled to begin today on the Viking Road sanitary sewer main near Miles Drive, according to the City of Worthington Engineering Department. Work on the internal lining of the existing clay pipe began Thursday on the Cynthia Avenue sanitary sewer near Tower Street.

Pavement restoration work began Monday near Okabena Street and was completed on Dover Street from Douglas Avenue to Clifton Avenue. Dover Street is to be reopened today.

Miles Drive sanitary sewer reconstruction from Johnson Lane to Viking Road began Wednesday.


KTD Medallion found under bench


WORTHINGTON – Congratulations to Daniel Versluis and his father Scott, this year’s master sleuths. They unraveled the clues to the King Turkey Day medallion hunt before any of the other searchers.

The medallion was hidden under a bench by the public parking lot where 10th Street comes to a T, which is mentioned in a clue. According to the Versluis men, paying attention to every little bit of the clues is what helped them find the medallion.

The interesting part of the story is what time they found it. They were up when their newspaper arrived on their doorstep at 3 a.m., and...

September 11 news


WORTHINGTON – Here we are at day four of the King Turkey Day medallion hunt, and here’s the fourth clue for all of you hunters out there:

Turn around from this spot, and you will be near a parking lot.
On the corner you may sit, and chances are, you’ll find it.

Now remember, that medallion will be in a place where hunters should not have to dig or climb to get it. Anyone who finds it should bring it to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to claim their prize!

WORTHINGTON - Worthington Interim Police Chief Kevin Flynn requests the public’s cooperation in not...

Minnesota Supreme Court coming to Worthington


WORTHINGTON – The Minnesota Supreme Court is coming to Worthington as part of a program that teaches teenagers about the court system by hearing oral arguments on a real court case in front of approximately 1,000 high school students.

The Court will also hold an informal community dinner the evening before that is open to the public.

On the evening of Tuesday, September 30, all area residents are invited to the Worthington Event Center to meet the Supreme Court Justices and District Court Justices and ask questions over dinner. Tickets to the event are $15 and available to...

Worthington man stabbed in South Dakota


GARRETSON, SD – A Worthington man was stabbed in the back Sunday in South Dakota by a Lake Andes woman who is in custody after fleeing with the victim’s car.

According to Capt. Paul Niedringhaus of the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office, Lolita Faith Dion, 18, of Lake Andes stabbed the 36-year-old victim with a knife, then fled a home just outside of Garretson around 7 p.m. The victim also fled, going to a neighboring home and calling authorities. He suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Dion was found driving the victims car approximately two hours later in Renner.


September 10 news


WORTHINGTON – Day three of the King Turkey Day medallion hunt – how’s the search going out there? Here’s a little help for you – clue number 3:

“How do I get there?” you may ask, and you are right, it’s no easy task.
The medallion fits this location to a “T”, near this rail you will want to be.

Just a reminder, the medallion will only be found on public property, and seekers should not have to dig or climb to get to it. The successful medallion finder should bring it to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to get $100 in Chamber Bucks!

LUVERNE – A South...