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October 13 news


WORTHINGTON – Gov. Mark Dayton did a lot of joking around during his time in Worthington for the Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener, generally at his own expense, poking fun at his hunting skills, his hip and his age, but when it came to discussing habitat preservation for future generations, he was quite serious.

That people pulled together, financed and preserved priceless land is a testament to everyone involved, he said of the Worthington Wells Wildlife Management Area.
He explained he would not be doing any hunting during his Worthington trip because of his hip. He said...

A dedicated bunch


WORTHINGTON – When Nobles County Pheasants Forever President Scott Rall stood in front of the crowd gathered for the dedication of the Worthington Wells Wildlife Management Area, he said everybody has something that makes them feel good, and for him, this was the coolest day ever.

When notice first came that the land would be going up for auction, they had three weeks notice to pull together and create what Rall called a “Who Really Cares” fund. By the time they were done, they found a lot of people care. They had over $55,000 in private donations.

“It’s the only property we’...

Dayton's humor shines through at pheasant opener


WORTHINGTON – Gov. Mark Dayton did a lot of joking around during his time in Worthington, generally at his own expense, poking fun at his hunting skills, his hip and his age, but when it came to discussing habitat preservation for future generations, he was quite serious.

“That you pulled together, financed together and preserved this priceless land is a testament to all of you,” he said of the Worthington Wells Wildlife Management Area.

The 2014 Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener was in the works for a year, and although there was some mad scrambling behind the scenes,...

Wounded Warriors bring home the birds during pheasant opener


WORTHINGTON - Derrick Ostlie of Shoreview shot his first wild pheasant on Saturday in Nobles County. He was one of the 10 hunters who came to Worthington for the 2014 Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener as part of the Wounded Warrior Program. It is only the third time he’s been hunting , and all three of those trips have been as part of the program.

With the program he has been on a deer hunt and he’s been to a game farm to shoot ducks and pheasant, but this is the first time he’s been out walking public land, hoping to flush wild game. With a gun he won during his last program hunt...

Banquet announcements: 2015 pheasant opener set for Mankato; summit for Marshall


WORTHINGTON – The 2015 Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener will be in Mankato, according to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr.

The announcement was made during Friday night’s Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener banquet in Worthington.

Gov. Mark Dayton had his own announcement to make, although he almost forgot to do so. He had given his speech and was walking back to his chair when he stopped and headed back to the podium.

“I almost blew my cue here,” he said. “We’re having the first Minnesota Pheasant Summit in December, on the 13th.”...

Monument set for new wildlife management area; dedication at noon Saturday


WORTHINGTON – The monument is now in place for Saturday’s land dedication at the new Worthington Wells Wildlife Management Area. The public is invited to the event, which will be at noon. The site is located along Nobles County 4, just west of Nobles County 57.

The land dedication is being held in conjunction with the 2014 Governor's Pheasant Hunting Opener. Governor Mark Dayton is scheduled to arrive today.

Approximately 400 people are expected to attend tonight’s banquet and program at the Worthington Event Center, where, in addition to Dayton, featured speakers will...

October 10 news


WORTHINGTON – Bituminous pavement restoration was completed on Apel Avenue, Burlington Avenue and Johnson Lane as part of the sanitary sewer manhole or spot repairs, according to the City of Worthington Engineering Department. Pavement restoration was completed on Lake Avenue spot repairs near Tower Street, but concrete cure time along with bituminous overlay remains for five spot repairs on Lake Avenu from Winifred Street east to May Street.

On the Second Avenue concrete pavement restoration project from 15th Street to Okabena Street, joint sealing was completed this week, but...

Appel takes place as new Police Chief


WORTHINGTON – Troy Appel was officially welcomed Thursday as the new Director of Public Safety for the City of Worthington during a pinning ceremony at the Prairie Justice Center. Appel, who has been a member of the Worthington Police Department since 1993, has been the Commander of the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force since its inception in 2005.

Worthington City Administrator Craig Clark said the city was very pleased to be able to promote one of their own.

We don’t accept mediocrity,” Clark said, “And Troy is a shining example of that.”

Appel said the interview...

October 9 news


WORTHINGTON – The Southwest Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross is merging with the Prairie Winds Chapter and the South Central Chapter to form a new chapter called the American Red Cross serving Southwest Minnesota.

Because of the merge, the chapter building in Worthington will be closing as of the end of December, according to Southwest Minnesota and Prairie Winds Chapters Executive Director Jennifer Hyk.

Hyk said will she be the executive director for the new merged chapter, which will be headquartered in Mankato.

Just because the building is closing in...

October 8 news


WORTHINGTON – For the first time since the inception of the program, the Nobles County Excellence in Performance Award went to not one person, but four. A Nobles County Public Works Crew consisting of Steve Schultz, Jim Stefferud, Mike Johnson and Dan Diekmann were all honored for going above and beyond their normal duties and potentially stopping a disaster before it could start.

While performing work on County State Aid Highway 6 southeast of Worthington on July 16, the crew noticed train cars bouncing substantially as they went over a bridge crossing the highway. Rather than...