MFB Members Traveled to Washington, D.C.

Nearly 20 Farm Bureau members from across Minnesota met with their members of Congress and Senators while in Washington, D.C. during the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) Farmers to Washington D.C. trip, March 24-28.

Farm Bureau members met with American Farm Bureau Federation staff and received a briefing on current issues. Attendees also attended National Agriculture Week activities.

Participants also met with Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken; Members of Congress Collin Peterson, John Kline, Tim Walz, Michele Bachmann, Erik Paulsen and Rick Nolan and a staff member from the office Keith Ellison.

During their meetings, Farm Bureau members discussed a variety of issues affecting agriculture. Top areas of focus included farm bill implementation, short-term and long term agriculture labor, duplicative and unnecessary regulations, animal care, Renewable Fuels Standard, food safety regulations, trade and maintaining the intent of the Clean Water Act.

“Research shows that the most effective way to communicate with your members of Congress is in Washington D.C.,” said MFBF President Kevin Paap. “It is vital to agriculture for our Senators and members of Congress to put a face to the families involved in Minnesota agriculture. Farm Bureau’s Farmers to Washington D.C. trip provides this opportunity.”

More than 5,000 Farm Bureau members from across the United States travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with their congressional delegation. For more information about Farm Bureau’s legislative process, contact your county Farm Bureau office.

If you missed it, we talked with Paap highlighting the trip, among other legislative issues.


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