Congrats to Nobles County Fair 4-H Livestock Winners

Champion Cow Calf-Mitchell Wagner
Champion Coop Calf- Haley Ruesch,
Champion Co-op Calf Rate of Gain- Taylor Ponto
Champion Junior Beef- Marshal Wagner
Champion Prospect Steer- Kennedy Cummings
Champion Prospect Heifer -Christopher Christians
Champion Prospect Market Calf – Kennedy Cummings
Champion Dairy Steer- Been Ahlschlager
Champion Breeding Calf- Mitchell Wagner
Champion Breeding Yearling- Brynn Bullerman
Champion Breeding Heifer- Brynn Bullerman
Champion Market Heifer- Brandon Weidert
Champion Market Steer- Brandon Weidert
Champion Market Animal –Brandon Weidert
Overall Grand Champion Beef- Brandon Weidert
Overall Reserve Grand Champion Beef- Brynn Bullerman
Champion Senior Interview- Deron Soderholm
Champion Intermediate Interview-Kendrick Bickett
Champion Beginner Interview- Emmett Bickett

Champion Yearling Ewe Lamb- O.D. Othow
Grand Champion Breeding Ewe- O.D. Othow
Champion Black Face market lamb- Jaren Solt
Champion Speckle face Market Lamb- Christian Goedtke
Champion White Face Market Lamb- Marshal Wagner
Grand Champion Market Lamb- Jaren Solt
Champion Interview- Marshall Wagner

Champion Fancy or Exotic Male- Christian Bos
Champion Market Duck- Christine Frodermann
Champion Market Chicken- David Cook
Champion Egg Production- Nick Lorang
Champion Chicken Breeding Pen- Christian Bos
Champion Duck Breeding Pen- Christine Froderman
Champion Turkey Market Pen- Isaac Williams
Overall Grand Champion Poultry- Christian Bos
Champion Poultry Senior Interview- David Cook
Champion Junior & Intermediate Interview- Beau Loosbrock

Champion Junior- Brandon Weidert
Champion Senior Dairy Cow- Brandon Weidert
Overall Grand Champion Dairy- Brandon Weidert
Champion Dairy Interview- Brandon Weidert

Champion Halter- Brent Reed
Champion Senior Games- Brandon Weidert
Champion Senior Pleasure- Brent Reed
Champion Junior Games- Paige Madison
Champion Horse Interview- Brandon Weidert

Champion Purebred Market Barrow- Jaren Solt
Champion Lightweight Crossbred Market Barrow- Corrine Froderman
Champion Middle Weight Crossbred Market Barrow – Nathan Goedtke
Champion Heavy Weight Crossbred Market Barrow- Jaren Solt
Champion Crossbred Barrow- Jaren Solt
Overall Champion Market Barrow- Jaren Solt
Champion Lightweight Market Gilt- Cody Froderman
Champion Middleweight Market Gilt- Christian Goedtke
Champion Heavy Weight Market Gilt- Eric Lehrke
Overall Champion Market Gilt- Christian Goedtke
Overall Champion Market Hog- Christian Goedtke
Champion Purebred Breeding Gilt- Jorgia Lowe
Champion Crossbred Breeding Gilt- Jorgia Lowe
Overall Breeding Gilt – Jorgia Lowe
Overall Champion Swine- Christian Goedtke
Champion Senior Interview
Champion Intermediate Interview
Champion Junior Interview

Champion Dry Dairy Goat- Emily Zemler
Champion Milking goat- Emily Zemler
Grand Champion Dairy Goat- Emily Zemler
Champion Market Goat- Tylor Solt
Champion Meat Breeding Goat- Cody Gravenhof
Champion Meat Goat- Cody Gravenhof

Champion Small Breeds- Kody Magnussen
Champion Large Breed- Kassey Solma
Overall Grand Champion Rabbit- Kody Magnussen


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