Nobles County Farmer Shares his REAL Story

You may be familiar with "The REAL story" as brought to you by the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council. This is a site which spreads the story of your local farmers, telling the R.E.A.L. story (mission to practice Responsible, Ethical Agriculture for Life). Nobles County farmer Bill has decided to share his, in an article from His story is as follows:

Farming is one of the oldest occupations in the world, and it’s been in Bill’s family for four generations. His great grandfather started farming in Nobles County in the early 1900s, and his family has been carrying on that tradition ever since. Bill and his wife, Dawn, farm more than 2000 acres with members of both sides of their family.

With a two-year degree in agriculture and bachelor’s degree in agriculture with minors in agronomy and animal science, Bill is quick to point out that the majority of farmers, at their cores, are small business owners: like all small business owners, farmers have inputs and expenses, create a product, and then sell it to the consumer.

But like any small business owner—if not more so—farmers have to be responsible and ethical in their practices. Farmers’ livings are totally dependent on their land and the crops and animals they produce; if at any time a farmer becomes irresponsible or unethical, his or her land or neighbors will prevent that farmer from being successful.

Part of a farmers’ responsibility is keeping the land and soil productive and healthy. “The most green person you’ll ever meet is a farmer,” Bill said. “By adding fertilizer we’re replenishing nutrients that have been removed from the soil, nutrients that Mother Nature put there. If we don’t, we’ll have a bunch of black deserts out here. It’s about conserving soil.” If farmers don’t add fertilizer to replenish nutrients in their fields, crops eventually can’t grow there. If crops can’t grow or produce strong yields, there won’t be enough food to feed the world’s growing population. After all, Bill said, “People need to eat.”

To contact Bill, to find out more about the REAL story, or more, visit



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