University of Minnesota Crops Trial Bulletin Available

The University of MN Field Crop Trials Bulletin is now available in print and electronic forms. The new publication, dated January 2013, provides results from U of MN trials conducted in 2012 across the state. The varieties tested are from both public and private breeding programs and include U of MN developed forage, grain, and oilseed crop varieties.

Plant varieties tested include alfalfa, barley, birdsfoot trefoil, canola, corn for grain, corn for silage, oat, soybeans, spring wheat, and winter wheat. Trials were conducted across the state at Research and Outreach Centers in St. Paul, Becker, Crookston, Grand Rapids, Lamberton, Morris, Rosemount and Waseca, and also in farmer’s fields. Results are from replicated trials conducted at several locations. This allows growers to evaluate how varieties performed across various environments, while accounting for variability within a location and across locations.

The variety trials bulletin is available online through the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station website at A limited number of print copies will be available through the University of Minnesota Extension Store at or by calling 1-800-876-8636. A limited supply of print copies may also be available at your local U of MN County Extension Office.



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