Tri-State Area Harvest Reports

Radio Works, LLC of Worthington and BLT Seed have paired up to bring you tri-state area 2012 harvest reports! We talk to local farmers from the tri-state region about what they're seeing in their farms to get a better understanding at the 2012 harvest yields. These reports can be heard every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:10 a.m. on The Hot Country Highway US95 and every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:35 a.m. on AM 730 KWOA.

If you weren't able to catch the local harvest reports when they aired, you can hear them here! Check back often for updates!

September 11 - Tom Neher, Vice President with Ag Star and Grain Industry Expert

September 12 - Tony Lenz, Regional Agronomist with Stine Seed

September 13 - Scott Clark and Bruce Verdos, officers with the Minnesota State Patrol

September 18 - Taryl Enderson, General Manager at MNSP

September 19  - Gene Sandager, farmer near Hills, MN

September 20 - Tyler Urban, farmer near Sioux Falls, SD

September 25 - Joel Dejong, Regional Agronomist with University of Iowa Extension

September 26 - Dan Uttech, Grain Manager at New Vision Co-op

September 27 - Bill Gordon, farmer near Worthington, MN

October 2 - Pete Bakken, farmer near Luverne, MN

October 3 - Greg Bangasser, farmer near Fulda, MN

October 4 - Tim Blume, farmer near Worthington, MN

October 9 - Mike LeBrun, farmer near Wilmont, MN

October 10  - Perry Cranston, farmer near Lakefield, MN

October 11 - Gene Stoel, farmer near Lake Wilson, MN

October 16 - Tim Hansberger, farmer near Worthington, MN

October 17 - Pete Bakken, farmer near Luverne, MN

October 18 - Jim Nesseth, farmer near Jackson/Lakefield, MN



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