Short cut versus shortcut

Unusual employment ads

I know, it isn't really my style to print stuff other than what pops out of my own little brain, but for some reason these amused me. It is a fine bunch of examples of creative writing when it comes to employment ads.

Sit back, read, relax and giggle...

Staying put?

Fish on!

Resolutions for 2013

It is customary to make resolutions for a coming new year, but I know me. We've met. My will power is right up there with my ability to work geometric equations. In other words... nada, zilch, I got nothing.

I could make vows to eat healthier, but then there's chocolate and potato chips and beer. Nope - I have earned the right to have popcorn for supper and poptarts for breakfast. Is pop rocks for lunch going too far? Probably.

Fulfilling a promise

In my previous job, I had a different blog called "Dirty Laundry," and I had quite a few readers. When I left my position earlier than anticipated, a bunch of loyal fans were sad, because they wouldn't get to read about my daughter's wedding.

They had been following the progress of my preparations to marry a kid off in my back yard, which seemed like a good idea when she suggested. By the time the wedding came around, I had become part of the Radio Works staff. I promised three people I would write a blog anyway and email it to them personally, which I did.

It's crazy, it's chaotic... it's Christmas

Twas the night before... what?

A sad day

Yesterday was a day of tragedy. A day of sadness. And yes, a day of anger.

I started my day at the scene of a fatal car crash, and knowing that two families would be grieving shortly made my heart hurt. And then word started filtering out about the school shooting in Connecticut, about small children killed by a man with a gun, and I didn't really know what to feel.