September 16 news

WORTHINGTON – It took four and a half days, but a jury has been selected for the trial of Josue Fraga, 40, who is accused of murdering his 2-year-old niece Samantha in March of 2008 in Worthington. Opening statements are set to begin today. Keep an eye on the website for trial updates and action.

This will be Fraga’s second time facing murder charges in Samantha’s death – the case originally went to trial in May of 2009, just 14 months after the little girl was brought into the emergency room by her aunt and uncle. She was cold and unresponsive, slightly damp and lifeless.

Open House to honor Bob Emary's 50 years of service to ISD #518

WORTHINGTON – There will be an open house from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday at the West Learning Center Community Education Office to honor Bob Emary’s 50 years of service to Independent School District 518. Emary started working for the district on Sept. 1, 1963 in the Science/Biology Departments at the Senior and Junior High. Bob was very involved with the Worthington Education Association in many different roles. After retiring from the classroom, Bob joined the staff at Community Education as an instructor, presenter, and assistant.

September 13 news

WORTHINGTON – The King Turkey Day medallion has been found! It won’t be a surprise to anyone who has been following the clues to hear it was located in Olson Park. Deb Meyer, the lucky medallion finder, said she was out for an afternoon walk enjoying the beautiful day when she looked down and spotted the bronze coin resting up against a tree on the new walking trail, on the north side of Olson Park, near the shelter house and between the wooden bridge and Crailsheim Drive.

September 12 news

KTD Clue #4 – Remember to turn medallion in to Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to earn your prize!
Shelter, playground, benches and tables galore
Sit and admire the view from the shore.
When relaxing is all done
Don your sneakers for a Fun Run.

September 11 news

KTD Clue #3 – Please bring medallion to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce on Third Avenue to claim your prize.

Out past the golf course & the Homestead
To find a place to park your bed.
Stop to rest, to picnic, or play
Bring your pole to fish all day.

Previously classified documents to be released regarding a domestic surveillance programs

CALIFORNIA — The Obama administration is releasing hundreds of previously classified documents detailing activities of the country's long-secret spy court that authorizes domestic surveillance programs.

In a court filing last week, the U.S. Department of Justice said it will turn over the documents to the Electronic Frontier Foundation by today. EFF officials said they'll receive the documents in disk form and it will take some hours for technicians to upload the documents to the civil liberty group's website.

DNR releases pheasant index

ST. PAUL — A long winter followed by a cold, wet spring has contributed to a significant decrease in Minnesota’s pheasant population.

The Department of Natural Resources says Minnesota’s pheasant index declined 29 percent from 2012, reflecting trends seen in neighboring states. Minnesota’s 2013 pheasant index is 64 percent below the 10-year average and 72 percent below the long-term average. The DNR says habitat losses are the main reason for the long-term decline.

September 10 news

KTD Clue #2 – Anyone who finds the medallion is asked to turn it in to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to claim their prize!

The clues are written to unveil
And set you on the proper trail.
So down a trail you will go,
to find a treasure, as you know.

WORTHINGTON – The Worthington Public Utilities Water and Light Board has identified what could be a possible non-essential water ban date as November 1 if the water levels are still below average.